Cellular PVC Windows

Warranty, Care & Installation

We're committed to providing a great experience throughout the life of your windows and doors. See the PDF documents below for detailed warranty information and how to install and care for all of our Windsor products.



Legend WarrantyDownload

2370592; rev 1/2018

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Care and Use Guide

Pinnacle & Legend Care and Use GuideDownload

9805; rev 2/16

816.5 Kb

Installation Instructions

Double Hung WOCD Safety and Operation InstructionsDownload

581524; Rev 3/2018

308.2 Kb
Legend HBR Door Installation InstructionsDownload

581522; rev 1/2018

530.8 Kb
Quad Door Panel Patio Door Astragal Installation InstructionsDownload
369.7 Kb
Legend HBR Swinging Door Hardware Supplement - EnglishDownload

581518; rev 2/16

477.8 Kb
Legend HBR Swinging Door Hardware Supplement - SpanishDownload

581518; rev 10/14

164.3 Kb
Legend Windows Installation InstructionsDownload

581521; rev 1/2018

664.3 Kb
Supplemental Impact Installation InstructionsDownload
6.9 Mb
Supplemental Non-Impact Installation Instructions Per www.floridabuilding.orgDownload
20.1 Mb

Service & Misc Instructions

Angle Bay Cable KitDownload
236.6 Kb
Applied Installation Straps & No Nail FinDownload
212.1 Kb
Florida CertificationDownload
89.7 Kb
Hoppe Adjustable Hinge InstructionsDownload

Pre 2/1/1010

52.1 Kb
Hoppe Adjustable Hinge InstructionsDownload


68.6 Kb
Legend Spread Mull Field SOPDownload
302.5 Kb
Rough Opening GuideDownload
253.4 Kb
Stucco/EIFS InstallationDownload
15.9 Kb